Sterling Nursery School, Inc.

Children Change the World

About Us

School History
The Sterling Nursery School, Inc. was founded by Emery and Kathleen Patten in June of 1967.  The school began in the Patten home next door to the present school building and grew to the location we operate from today.  The school itself began as a Kindergarten and childcare center prior to public Kindergarten in town.  The center has grown to include the following programs: a Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, School Age and Specialized Education for Children with Special Needs Programs.  Sterling Nursery School continues to operate within the Patten family and serves local communities with excellent educational and childcare needs. 

Licenses and Accreditation
Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) Licensed - EEC is a state agency that is responsible for licensing all early education and child care programs.  EEC supports high quality education programs that reflect the commonwealth, strengthen families and help children learn and grow physically, socially, emotionally and educationally.  Sterling Nursery School meets and exceeds all EEC regulations and requirements.

Our Facility
We have a spacious and inviting facility, that has handicapped accessible classrooms and playgroups.  Each room contains age/size appropriate materials.  A large center room is shared for gross motor, large group activities and indoor play.  The vast outside play area is well equipped and fully fenced in a quiet country setting.

At Sterling Nursery School,  teacher education, training and experience are the basic working tools, built upon our school longevity in the community.  We base our philosophy on teaching a sense of value and respect; learning how to interact and grow within our world through exploration of one's environment and the adventures.  Children Change the World!

Our main goal and focus is to help all children develop the confident, competent young people by encouraging each individual to think and become involved in his/her learning process.  Our curriculum is based upon the state Department of Education (DOE) Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, is language based and introduces a developmental format to progressively teach and reach all young children based on his/her individual learning style.  Modifications are made so children can best succeed in our early childhood environment.

We aim to develop a positive self-concept in each child.  Experiences in each phase of the curriculum are presented to meet the individual needs of the children at each stage of their development.  Our philosophy and curriculum represents a program of total child development. 

Social Development - Your child will learn to get along with others and function as part of a group by sharing, taking turns and developing an understanding of others.

Emotional Development - Your child will grow in self-awareness, recognize others as individuals, and development sound self confidence and a sense of independence.

Physical Development - Your child will become aware of the importance of good nutrition, develop both gross and fine motor control, develop better coordination and learn to balance relaxation and attentiveness.  

Intellectual Development - The program is a full experience in language arts (listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing) science, social studies, mathematics, art, music, rhythm, creative movement, dramatic play, health education and safety awareness.  

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