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School program

Programs Available
Toddler Program
Nursery School
School Age Childcare
Summer Camp
Specialized Services
Teaching Staff

Toddler Program  
2, 3, or 5 day programs
7:00 am - 5:30 pm
15 months - 2 years 9 months

Nursery and Preschool Programs 
2, 3, or 5 day programs
8:45 am - 11:15 am/12:15 pm daily
2 years 9 months to 6 years in age appropriate groups

Preschool Childcare 
2, 3, or 5 day programs
7:00 am - 5:55 pm daily, year round

Kindergarten Care 
Before and/or after public school, for AM, PM sessions
7:00 am - 5:55 pm daily; includes vacation weeks, early release and summer care.

School Age Care 
Before and/or after public school
Full days for the summer and when public schools are closed for vacations, early release, snow days and delays.
7:00 am - 5:55 pm
Sterling public school buses transport to and from Sterling Nursery School.

Summer Camp 
June - August for children 2.9 years through 12 years of age in age appropriate groupings for summer learning, fun, and adventure.
Group themes and schedules are available upon request.

Specialized Services 
Individual Programs for Children with Special Needs enrolled from ages 15 months  through 5 years old. See Specialized Service page for more information.

Our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Department of Early Education Program Standards and Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences.  The areas of learning incorporated into our daily activities include: English Language Arts,Mathematics, Science and Technology/Engineering, History and Social Science, Health Education and The Arts.  We provide a variety of hands on activities through which your child can discover and learn at their own pace with the guidance of experienced and nurturing staff.  Our curriculum correlates and prepares children for Kindergarten and life long learning.

The sequential development of curriculum has been devised so that each child can build upon previous learning experiences by assimilating each new concept into an increasing repertoire of knowledge.  Our program takes into consideration the fact that a child's intelligence develops in distinct stages and each stage requires solid attainment to facilitate the next stage.

Darlene Patten Louchart, M.Ed
The Director's primary responsibility is to oversee the center in all areas of fiscal, curriculum and staff management.  She enrolls new students and works closely with families to meet their needs.  She also works with teachers and families to assist with the transition to Kindergarten and other programs. Darlene is an active, on-site member of the school and teaching team. 

Darlene meets the qualifications of the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) Director II certification.  She holds a Masters Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Science in Education for Elementary and Special Education.  She has been a certified teacher since 1980.  Darlene taught preschool-9th grade in private childcare, public elementary school and on the White Mt. Apache Reservation School.  She was an Assistant Director at this school for 3 years and has been the Director since 1991. 

School Teaching Staff
Our teaching staff is known for their dedication to children and their longevity working at Sterling Nursery School.  Many teachers have been here 10-20 years, reflecting their care, consistency, knowledge of our school, community, and continuity of educational excellence.

Sterling Nursery School  consists of professional teachers who meet or exceed the qualifications of the Department of Early Education and Care.  Each Teacher has a solid background in education and experience gained from working with young children.  There is a Masters or Bachelors Degree in each classroom.  There is always a highly qualified, experienced, teacher in the group to monitor all aspects for the ongoing program.  Teachers fully share the philosophy, goals and values of our program and center.

Assistant Teachers
Assistant teachers complement Lead Teachers and aid the overall management and needs of each classroom.  Assistant Teachers are chosen for their sensitivity and abilities to work cooperatively with Teachers and the group.  Each assistant teacher takes classes and workshops to further expand their early childhood knowledge and proficiency, and are dedicated members of the teaching staff. 

All staff have continuous, direct supervision.  Teachers meet monthly to review appropriate rules and regulations pertaining to their class, curriculum management and parent information/news.

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