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Program Options 
    We provide intensive, high quality programming at reasonable cost to schools and/or families.  We are very proud of our unique program and our continuous updates and growth in the field of special education and individual programming.

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) serves as a foundation for services provided.  ABA uses data based, empirically derived and validated strategies and teaching methods including, but not limited to, task analyzed instruction, discrete trial instruction, fluency based instruction, incidental teaching methods, a rich array of prompting and reinforcement strategies, as well as behavior reduction strategies.  Each child's needs are assessed on an individualized basis and task analyzed systematic teaching programs are developed to teach invaluable learning-to-learn skills, remediate skill deficits, reduce behavior problems that can interfere with learning, enhance overall development and maximize a student's potential.

Full Services  
    Schools and/or families of children 15 months to 5 years with special needs may enroll for services in our full day (Monday-Friday 8:30 - 2:15), full year program. Specialized services may be funded through health insurance.  Contact us for more information. Our full day, full year program offers consistency of location, services and staff.  Working with the family, child and school we use best practice to develop education objectives and teaching strategies. 

Program components may consist of the following:
Total ABA programming including, but not limited to, Discrete Trial Teaching, Social Play Groups, Classroom Inclusion, Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Consultation, Educational Consultation, Social/Play Consultation and Parent/Home Training.
    All program components are dependent upon availability.

Home Services and Home Consultation 
    Available during the school day for students who require a home program or are not of age for a school program.  These services are also available to students that require a home program in addition to school services that may be provided on-site or at another school.  The goal of these services is to help each family help their child achieve their fullest potential at home, in the community, and in life.  Direct teaching, parent training and consultation are offered.

Consultation Services 
    Consultation Services may be provided to schools, Early Intervention or families for a single student, several students, a specific classroom or an entire school.  Our goal is to help individual communities establish strong, effective special education programs for students that allow them to reach their fullest potential.  These services are provided to schools or programs to aid in improving the education of students with special needs and reducing the cost resulting from out of district placements.  

    We can provide comprehensive assessment of existing special education classrooms, programs, small groups of students or individual student.  We will provide recommendations to help improve the program, guidance during the implementation phase for any needed modifications, and ongoing consultative services.

    Since programs and their needs vary, each consultation case is customized to meet the needs of the school and student.  We provide services to public schools and to Early Intervention students.  All consultative services feature a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who is also a certified Special Education Teacher  to oversee the evaluation and implementation of the process.

    We can train educators, administrators, paraprofessionals and families how to teach essential communication, social, academic, motor, daily living, recreation and leisure skills to children and families.  We also offer trainings to develop discrete trial programs, behavioral intervention, methods and practices, social and play skill development, social play group development, communication system development, developing home programming, parent training and transition into and out of programs successfully.

Program Staff 
Darlene Patten Louchart, M.Ed.
    Darlene holds a Masters Degree in Intensive Special Needs, a Bachelors Degree in Education and has taught, developed and coordinated regular and special education program for since 1980.  She is an active member of each child's intake and ongoing program at Sterling Nursery School.  She works closely with all on-site and consultation staff, families, Early Intervention Agencies, Public School and colleges to assist in developing individualized, appropriate programs for each student.  She teaches education, special and regular education classes and workshops through two local colleges. 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)/Lead ABA Therapists
    Our staff includes two Masters level Intensive Special Education Teachers who are Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  In conjunction with Lead ABA Therapists they develop and monitor all behavioral interventions, discrete trial programs, task analyzed instruction and all other aspects of specialized programming.

Donna Harvey, M.Ed, BCBA 
    Donna has had experience since 1979 working with children as a special education teacher and experience since 1997 as an ABA therapist.  Donna has been a BCBA since 2007.

Blue Favreau, M.Ed. BCBA 
    Blue has experience since 1996 working with children both as a special educator and an ABA Therapist.  She has been a BCBA since 2005.  Blue also teaches special education classes, workshops and trainings. 

Lead ABA Program Therapists
    They work directly with each child on their caseload and supervise other therapists on their caseload.  They help develop and implement behavior intervention, discrete trail instruction, and all other areas of individualized programming.  They overlap and train parents for home skills and generalization of skills learned at school.  They work directly with all specialists, teachers and the Director to provide a cohesive program for each student.  They are overseen by an on-site BCBA.

Therapist trained in ABA
    Therapists are supervised by the Lead Therapist and the Director.  They work directly with children running teaching programs and providing support within the classroom and social playgroups.  ABA Therapists participate in ongoing, on and off site training specific to program needs. 

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)
Karla Miller, M.S., CCC-SLP
    Karla provides direct speech and language therapy and consultation during discrete trials, inclusionary classroom time and playgroups.  Consultation is designed to optimize each child's total communication system including Picture Exchange, selection and use of augmentative devices and the design and implementation of oral motor programming.  Consultation is also provided around language based teaching programs programming and language based computer programs.  Karla has experience since 1994 as an ABA therapist and early childhood educator.

Social Play Therapist
    Trained in ABA to facilitate play and interactive skills with peers through extensive training and experience.  Therapists work under the leadership and guidance of the Lead Therapists and Program Director.

Occupational Therapist
    OTs provide direct therapy in the areas of sensory, fine, and gross motor utilizing suspension and therapeutic equipment.  Overlap with Therapists regarding sensory, fine and gross motor activities and monitor each child's progress throughout the school week.

Physical Therapist
    PTs provide direct therapy in the areas of sensory, fine, and gross motor utilizing suspension and therapeutic equipment.  They overlap with Therapists regarding sensory, fine and gross motor activities and monitor each child's progress throughout the school week.

Classroom Teachers
    All of our Classroom teachers are Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care certified and hold a degree in the field of Education.  They are extensively trained, supported and experienced to include children with various special needs in areas of behavioral, academic, communication, social cognitive, and physical challenges.  Teachers are also involved in ongoing training regarding individual student's programs.  They modify and adapt curriculum on an ongoing individualized basis to help each student gain the most from their classroom inclusion time. 

We welcome school tours arranged with the Director to view ongoing current programming at our school.


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